Of Mooncursers and other Spun Yarns

Of Mooncursers and other Spun Yarns
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


    I Posted this video here in Memory of the Charles and Ruby Pollard family once at home at 1917 Robinwood road in Dundalk Farms. I was born in 1934 and raised there though the Pollard family moved to Dundalk in 1928. I was teased as being the only Baltimorian in the family.  The oldest son Charles F. Pollard Jr., my older Brother, served during WW2 IN Europe aboard the old Honeymoon Steam boat that ran Between Baltimore and Norfolk.  She was taken by the Government in 1942 and loaned to England  as they were in dire need of ships.  As a boy My dad and I used to row out into the Potapsico river off Sparrows Point and drift with the tide down the bay on Friday Night and return on Sunday evening. We had no motor or sails only a 16ft rowboat  with a set three oars in case we lost one overboard.  My father would tell the time by when the USS President Warfield passed us by.  The time of passing was published and all who fished the bay new what time she would pass a given point. Remeber few people had watches. She was the queen of the old bay fleet and felt like a friend
to me. He passing was a reminder that there was order in the world and all was not chaotic. I started making this video about the little ship from Baltimore to the Mull of Kinyre where she landed in Scotland  During the war. I am making the third edition that goes  from there and Beach Omaha France shorty after the D-Day landing by Allied forces. Version four picks up with her being renamed the Exodus that took part in the founding of the Nation  of Isreal. I felt she should be homered by a video of the duties she performed and her very important part in History, I hope she will take her place of honor for her part in World History.                  Douglas G Pollard Sr.

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